Yowie-Like Creature Caught on Film

Friends Jason Heal and Jason Dunn, two self-confessed “Yowie searchers” are claiming to have a footage of a bigfoot-like creature shot in South Queensland. The grainy footage was shot on March 29 and shows a mysterious beast with glowing eyes, which the two friends claimed was lured using a bunch of apples.

The early-morning video sparked mixed reviews among their fellow Bigfoot searchers but the pair claims that this is the real deal and the evidence speaks for itself.

The Yowie, which is a mythical creature believed to have roamed the Australian landscape, is described as a furry humanoid with superior intelligence. The creature has been a part of Australian folklore for millennia with sightings reported as early as the 18th century.

Mr. Heal and Mr. Dunn shares that they have spend thousands of dollars hunting for these elusive creatures in the Australian bush, but have yet to become successful till now. You can watch the footage here:

The creature from the video, nicknamed “The Morning Visitor” bears a striking resemblance to a sloth. In fact, upon closer inspection, it looks to be a cross between a sloth and an ape. However, both creatures are not indigenous to any region in Australia. The video has been watched over 120,000 times with some YouTube users  claiming the whole thing as a hoax.

Michael Bachman, editor of Cryptozoology News, told MailOnline: “At this point we have no idea whether the video is real or a hoax, but it has certainly captivated some viewers.”

In a statement, the two Jasons said the mixed reviews angered them as they have investment a lot of money and effort on the whole search for Australia’s version of the Sasquatch.

“Everyone’s going crazy, saying it’s a hoax, like we’re putting lamps on our head. You give them something real and they all turn around and say it’s fake… we know they exist, we’ve done enough research.”

Despite the bad reviews over the video, which they uploaded on their YouTube account, they do have a number of fans who believed the authenticity of the footage.

The duo does have a number of fans online. Paul Davies wrote: ‘Excellent capture you guys fair play, all that time out in the bush has certainly paid off.’

The internet is ripe with rumored sightings of a Yowie-like creature, which are said to roam around the outback. However, there isn’t one clear evidence of actual footage of the creature.