World’s Most Haunted Island To Become A Resort?

One of Europe’s scariest places just might become your next vacation destination. The Italian government has placed the Poveglia Island in the Venice lagoon for auction. The island, which became the dumping site for dead bodies and still-alive victims of the 16th century bubonic outbreak, is considered by the Venetians as one of the most haunted places in the country.

The place is so haunted, no one dared set foot in the place for decades. Thousands of plague victims died on the island. Decades after the outbreak, a doctor who made it a habit to torture mental patients with unnecessary lobotomies erected a mental institute in the island. The doctor killed himself by flinging himself from the hospital tower after being haunted by ghosts of his victims.

Poveglia island is largely uninhabited, no visitors are allowed to set foot in the place and the ruins of a hospital, a church and the crematorium still stands to this very day. The island was put on sale as a way to minimize the country’s mounting debt.

Venetians are deeply superstitious about the island and see Poveglia as the purgatory for evil souls. In fact, there is a popular local saying that goes: “When an evil man dies, he wakes up in Poveglia.”

The Italian government is offering a 99-year lease to develop the island and hopefully turn one of the world’s most haunted places into a luxurious resort or hotel.