Witness Account of Michigan Dirt Biker Allegedly Chased by UFO

What  should’ve been a pleasant stroll in a peaceful town of Newberry turned into a harrowing ordeal for a Michigan man. On the summer of 1984, the witness went on a late night ride on his dirt bike when he saw a disc-shaped object hovering over a nearby potato field.

“I pulled onto South Airport Road shortly after midnight heading south, started going through the gears and noticed to my left something with multicolored lights just above the tree line hovering there,” the witness claims.

After seeing the multicolored lights just above the tree line, the object then stopped abruptly and in his horror, started moving towards his direction.

 “It was round in shape, bright, multicolored lights on the perimeter, dark on the bottom and the lights inside of the object were like dash lights shining but much brighter. The windows appeared to go around the object but not totally sure about that. The size was about 50-75 feet across, but this is a guess. I was looking inside to see if I could see anything inside, but could not. All this happened within about 3-5 minutes time,” according to the MUFON report.

As the witness watched, he realized that the object was something he never seen before. Frightened, he rode his dirt bike and drove away.

 “I looked back and there it was just above the trees chasing me. I looked back a second time and it was right there, shifted into 6th, looked back and it was gone. I got home and pulled into the driveway looking but not seeing anything above me, parked my bike went inside and never told anyone about what happened.”

According to the witness, he refuses to tell what happened to his family and friends, afraid of being ridiculed if local authorities picked up his story.

 “I thought if I told of what I had seen or experienced they would think it was a joke or I was crazy. It was about 20 years or so later that I had finally told my wife about what happened that night. I still to this day do not know what it was but I remember as if it was yesterday. I will more than likely never forget that night. It was cool and scary at the same time.”

This case was based on witness reporting from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and is filed in its database under case number 56940.