Winged Devil Caught On Cam Chasing A Deer

Here’s a curious case that’s sure to whet the appetite of paranormal enthusiasts: a short video clip of what looked like a winged devil chasing a deer. The video has been making the rounds on the internet all week.

The creature, which was featured on Strange Mysteries Channel, is described as “a sort of winged demon, ghost, alien, or something creature has allegedly been caught on camera chasing a deer.” Watch the video here:

From the video, the strange creature with glowing eyes is seen zipping past the frame as it chases the deer.

Most viewers dismiss the video as a hoax, but some paranormal experts are on the fence. Others cannot tell whether the strange creature is indeed a devil or just some prankster in a devil costume.

A closer look into the video and viewers will a similar blurriness between the deer being chased and the devil chasing the deer. This adds to the credibility of the video suggesting that the camera captured the photos of moving objects.
Viewers are dumbstruck as to what sort of creature it was. And how the creature that had wings so small achieve flight?