William Shatner To Release A Book About Alien Abduction

Star Trek actor, comedian and accomplished thespian, William Shatner is working on a novel and it’s going to center around otherworldly beings. Guesting on Larry King Live, the veteran actor speaks on a variety of topic including his one-man-show, saving the environment and of course, alien abduction and UFOs, which will be the highlight of the book he is working on.

Shatner was careful not to divulge too much details about the novel despite being pressed on by King a couple of times. He did, however, brought up the work and findings of Harvard-educated psychiatrist and alien abduction expert, John Mack. Shatner reveals that Mack was given the rare chance to interview people who have been abducted by aliens and “after two hundred interviews, he concluded that they were right.”

Shatner continues”

“His conclusion was UFOs are on another plain, another reality. They may not be the meteors we see that we think are UFOs . . . In microphysics, sometimes the act of observing brings about the event . . . So, there may be a photon of light that doesn’t exist but suddenly comes into existence while you’re examining that goes off in another direction and ceases to exist. The principle being that there is such mystery of what we puny human beings have no knowledge of.”

The actor is renowned for his fondness of exploring the mysteries of the universe, intelligent beings and alien abductions, specifically. His book may give us a peek at Shatner’s own exploration of finding the truth about alien abductions and find answer as to why this phenomenon happens at all.

John Mack

At the later part of the interview, Larry King asked Shatner pointblank if he belives in aliens. Rather than offering a simple answer, Shatner went on to say,  “Are they a product of us? There’s a mystery here. When a mind like Johnny Mack can say this happened, there’s too much community in these people who say they’ve been abducted, there’s too much emotional baggage, something is happening. What is it? That’s the question. So, do UFOs exist? It depends on what you mean ‘exist.’”

For years, Shatner made no secret of his own extraterrestrial beliefs. In fact, the Star Trek alum stated in a Montreal Gazette interview that, “there is no doubt that there is life out there; the mathematics of it lead you to that absolute conclusion. In my mind, there is no doubt that the universe teems — teems! — with life in all its forms”