West Midlands Mom Discovers UFO in Her Backyard

A West Midlands, UK mom was surprised to see a strange lightshow right in her own backyard. Michele Bardsley, a market trader who is a mother of 3, has filmed what looked like UFOs appearing in the skies above her home. Flashes of red lights can be seen in her 40-minute video, captured on a mobile phone in January 2014.

In her statement, she described seeing strange lights as she stepped out of her home:

“I was painting upstairs then went to the back door for a cig. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. They didn’t look like stars, or planes or helicopters, they were just hanging there. I thought I’d had a few too many rum and cokes! I got my phone and zoomed in on them, I was there for about 20 minutes, my feet were freezing but I couldn’t come away.

Eventually I had to come back inside for my slippers and fags, and then I went back out and filmed another 20 minutes. I must have looked mad out there for so long just filming the sky but it was so strange I did not want to go inside.”

Watch the incredible video here:

From the video, strange lights are seen shooting off, appearing and disappearing, flashing seemingly at random. The strange lights from her backyard were not seen after. The West Midlands has been a hot spot for UFO sightings. In 2012, a similar incident was reported to authorities. A police officer was driving on his way to the airport when he saw a supersonic UFO whizzed past his vehicle “at the speed of light.”