Villagers In Pakistan Captures “The Predator”?

A photo showing Pakistani villagers gathered around a strange hanged creature is getting a lot of buzz on the web. It is said that the kill was made in the Swabi district, that the locals call the creature a ‘Gorgakh’ and that it eats dead bodies and might be an alien!

Ok well, Swabi district and ‘Gorgakh’, I buy, the rest, not so sure.

What the heck?


That thing looks awfully familiar tho…

Doesn’t it look like this guy?!

The Pakistani Predator?! Dead! Pff.. who needs Arnold Schwarzenegger!?

But there’s another possibility.

A Pangolin suffering from gigantism! Or a Pangolin living near a nuclear pant.

Normal-sized pangolin minding his business


Pangolin eating ants with its long tongue


What is so baffling about the “predator” photo is that, according to wikipedia, “The size of pangolins varies by species, ranging from 30 to 100 centimetres (12 to 39 in).”

In english, that means the biggest ones are barely more than 3 feet long! That animal is tiny!

Now, many people commenting on the story have claimed that it’s a trick of photography, a movie prop, photoshopped, or even a warrior from an hostile alien race…

Well, here’s my take. This is a GIANT pangolin. Sure, maybe it looks a bit bigger than it really is because of the way it was photographed, or maybe not. If you compare the photo with pictures of regular pangolins, you’ll notice that all the physical features of the dead beast are oversized. It has not a thin delicate tongue. The rope (and noose) attached to the pangolin’ neck are very thick yet small compared to the creature. Did this thing ate dead bodies? Hardly as they don’t have teeth!