Vermont Man Claims This Is A Photo Of BIGFOOT!

Frank Siecienski, from Hubbardton, installed a camera in his backyard after repeated damage to his plants and trees in the hope of finding the culprit. At first, Frank thought deers could be the ones eating all his apples until what looks like a bigfoot crouching was captured on by his surveillance camera.



Frank Siecienski is not your average Joe however, he is a self-proclaimed Sasquatch researcher and has tracked Bigfoot for the last 15 years. Unless he decided to go live right where Bigfoots are known to live, it’s a little odd that a bigfoot would found itself in HIS backyard of all places. Or maybe he did bait them with his fruit trees! Slick move Frank!

When WCAX-TV asked the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife their “expert” opinion on the matter, no one was surprised when they quickly dismissed the photo claiming that it was “probably an owl”. Right, funny, why not Donald Trump’s flying toupée if we are going with crazy guesses? One thing it could be however is a man in a suit. Mr. Siecienski should definitely invest in a system that will record more that 1 frame per 5 seconds or whatever his system was set at! This is rather inconclusive, yet interesting.

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