Vampire Burial Site Found in Poland?

Transylvania and Sunnydale might not be the only place infested by the blood-sucking undead. A burial site in Kamien Pomorski in northwestern Poland, is suspected to be yet another vampire cave. It seems Poland is fast becoming Vampire Central!

A team of vampire hunters led by Slawomir Gorka discovered the burial site on an old cemetery, right next to a Kamien Pomorski church. The cemetery was used between 13th to 17th centuries. One burial site featured a skull with much of its teeth pulled out. A rock and a brick was also placed in the mouth. This practice was rooted from an old belief that the undead will not bite anyone.

The corpse also feature puncture wounds in the leg, which is considered by experts as common signs that the body was staked to the ground to keep it from rising from the grave and sucking the blood of the living. Watch the video here:

The bones recovered from the grave site dates back to the 16th century. It might not be the first suspected vampire grave in the area. In fact, in July 2013, seven bodies of suspected vampires were uncovered at a construction site near Gliwice. All heads have been severed and the legs show the same puncture wounds.

Vampires are one of the most popular supernatural beings in the world. Vampire legends are borne out of the Slavic cultures of Romania and Poland. Some experts believe that vampire legends originated from the time of the Black Death, where graves were re-opened for more burials and seeing corpses with blood seeping out of the mouths of the dead, teeth exposes and holes in the shroud are seen (quite possibly the holes developed from the corpses’ decomposition).

To this very day, many people still believe in the existence of vampire thanks to Hollywood’s glamorized vampire movies as well as curious discoveries around the world of vampire tales, vampire deaths and vampire sightings.