UFOs Sighted in Eagle Rock California

Two Eagle Rock residents are opening up about what they believe they saw on the California sky between 9 AM to 11AM. The witnesses submitted a video on website Opeminds.tv and from the footage, two unidentified flying objects were seen hovering near the witnesses’ home.

The first witness said he assumed the object, which he saw while walking his dog, was a weather balloon. He noticed other people watching the aircraft as well. He ran home to grab his video camera then began recording.

You can watch the full video clip here:

The witness described that the first aircraft, “shot out like a shooting star, but stopped and hovered.” While the second aircraft is shaped like a cigar and travelling in “one direction… behind the power lines.”

“The UFO almost looks like it stops and then moves into the clouds and as you can see it is covered and the brightness of the UFO diminishes as it enters the clouds, which gives it a morph look to it.”

The unidentified flying objects were seen acting strange in the video. From the footage, it seemed that both UFO were “morphing” their appearance. However, an investigative team dismisses the claim pointing to digital noise as well as the zooming in and out of the camera as the culprit behind the seemingly “changing” appearance of the aircraft. The constant focusing of the camera also makes it harder to determine the exact shape of the aircraft.

However, while the UFOs does resemble weather balloons and the moving “cigar” shaped object that hovers behind the powerlines look like a conventional aircraft, the witness is convinced that the mysterious aircraft were not of this earth. The witness has since uploaded the video on his YouTube page with sensationalized titles like “Meteor stops and turns into UFO”