UFO Sighted In Wales

Wales resident, Elyse O’Neill was hanging by her garden one morning when she came across a sight that totally shook her very being, a mysterious object that hovered over Wallis, Pembrokeshire at 6 in the morning. It split into two, fused back together before speeding off right before her very eyes.

“I don’t believe in aliens but I can’t explain what I saw. As I watched it, it split up into two pieces and then it went back into one. It then shot off into the sky in the blink of an eye. It just went up and up until I couldn’t see it anymore. I’ve never seen anything like this before, it was a bright morning with clear blue skies. I’m sounding as if I’m crazy, but I’m just a normal girl living in the country. My heart is still in my mouth.”


Elyse was standing outside her home when she saw the UFO from her garden. Immediately, she ran to get her phone but there wasn’t enough battery left to film the whole spectacle. However, she started taking picture after picture instead.

She then shared the photos on her Facebook page, tagging several friends and family members. Soon enough, her story was picked up by local and nation tabloids.

Elyse also noticed that the sheep in the nearby filed were making “horrible, high pitched sound all the time it was there” but fell silent once the UFO sped off.

The images were analyzed by The Daily Mail’s resident UFO expert, Nick Pope and according to his analysis:

“This is truly bizarre and what makes it particularly mysterious is the description of the way the object moved from a hover to a high speed in an instant. This rules out most of the conventional explanations such as aircraft lights, a meteor/fireball, or a Chinese lantern. Perhaps it was some new secret, prototype spy plane or drone, but if not, it’s a genuine mystery. It would be fascinating to find out if anything unusual was tracked on radar.”

Some critics suggest that the UFO might’ve been just reflection of light from a nearby window but Elyse claims to be outside when she snapped the photos.

While Elyse could not conclude what she saw that day, she remains skeptical about the whole thing. “I can’t explain it. It moved too fast to be of this earth, but I don’t believe in aliens.”, she said.