Trio of Orbs Sighted Over Sherman Oaks

A trio of flashing orbs surprised several witnesses in Sherman Oaks this week. One of the witnesses was perched on high ground when he notice “three glowing orbs” rising up together in the distance. The orbs seemed to float together, the movements seemingly synchronized.

The whole spectacle was caught on video, which you can see here:

Here’s the rest of the witness account:

“They (the orbs) had a brilliant glow to them like watching a star in the sky only this was day time. As I was video taping them I noticed another orb materialize, as it got closer to the orbs then faded out as it moved away. After zooming in I noticed that there were actually three objects, the two yellow orbs and a sky blue diamond shaped object in the middle. They floated till they were straight up on top of me then stopped which made it very hard for me to video tape without straining my already strained neck. I observed them for almost an hour lying on the ground as they slowly faded away. It seems the sky is full of them but no one bothers to look up for too long.”

The video was recorded on the 29th of June. Another witness claims to have seen a “triangular UFO” appearing over the skies. Incredibly, the orbs seen on the California skies on the 29th was extremely similar to the ones sighted over the UK the same week. The object seen in UK looked interconnected, twisting around each other rapidly.

A video from Mexico also surfaced online, showing what looked like a mother ship ejecting the orbs. The movements of the orbs, just like the ones seen in California and in UK, seemed synchronized with each other. Both witnesses swore the glowing orbs they observed in the sky were not simply weather balloons and the way the objects hovered suggested that it’s highly unlikely that they are weather balloons.