Tour Bus Drove Straight To Area 51 by Mistake

Tourists in Nevada got an eyeful of Area 51’s restricted area when their tour bus accidentally drove off into the top secret facility. According to the driver, he did not notice the “NO Trespassing” sign and continued making his way towards the facility. Seconds later, the tour bus was tailed by a security truck and the fun stopped there.

They were asked to pull over and get out of the van. The whole thing was caught on tape that you can watch here.

The story was picked up by local news and was presented by George Knapp, the reporter credited for putting Area 51 on the map when he covering the story in 1989.

Area 51, a top-secret government facility has long been rumored to be more than just a military base. UFO experts and conspiracy theorists believe Area 51 may be conducting operations related to extraterrestrials. The amount of information the government was willing to provide about the facility has been minimal at best further fuelling rumors of UFO visitations, abductions and experiments.

Many tourists have been flocking near the base to catch a glimpse of the facility. Most tourist buses would stop as they reach they “No Trespassing” sign. The tour van that crossed the line was from Adventure Photo Tours.

According to tour bus owner, Area 51 has a lot of stops and some of them are landmarks in the area. She said a lot of drivers are careful not to pass the signs and warn passengers “you can’t go over that line, and if you step over that line, you’re on your own.”

But the bus owner did admit that one of her drivers made a mistake that day. And when your business is near a top-secret facility, it’s easy for that mistake to be sensationalized. That’s exactly what happened when one of her tour bus was stopped by authorities for crossing the line.

Denis Ryan, the driver of the bus, said he was distracted by questions about sports that he did not see the warning signs. A minute after, his passengers alerted him of a white van following them from the dirt road. On video, Ryan can be heard saying, “I apologize for this. Those are the Men in Black.”

The tourists, comprised of a couple from the UK and a mother and son from the east coast, thought everything was part of the tour.