Toddler Remembers Past Life, Names Killer

A three-year-old boy from Golan Heights region near the border of Israel and Syria allegedly remembered vivid details of his past life, including his death and the name of his murderer. Dr. Eli Lasch, who is best known for developing the medical system in Gaza during the 60s, recorded the boy’s story. The toddler was part of the Druze ethnic group, an indigenous tribe that accepts reincarnation as a fact. However, the boy’s vivid account of his own murder was so detailed, it also caught his community by surprise.

According to the child, he was struck with an axe and was buried in a nearby village. The toddler bore a long, red birthmark on his head, a sign of a past-life related wound, according to the Druze. It’s customary for elders to take children under the age of three to the home of their previous live, if they remembers it. And so with the elders, the boy went to the nearby village where he was allegedly buried. When they arrived in the village, he remembered his name, more details about his other life, as well as the name of his killer.

A local villager confirmed that a man the boy claimed to be his old self, has gone missing for four years. His friends and family all thought that he may have ventured into hostile lands nearby, a common occurrence in their village. The boy then claimed to have been killed and buried somewhere in the village.

He later identified his killer by name. When the killer was confronted, the man turned ashen but denied any involvement with the killing of the missing man, The boy then took the elders and some locals into the very spot where he was allegedly buried. The site was dug up and sure enough, a skeleton with a gash on the head was found in the area. The gash on the skeleton’s skull matches the birthmark of the toddler. Also recovered on the site was the murder weapon, an axe.

Faced with mounting evidence against him, the killer tearfully admitted to killing the man and was turned over to authorities. Dr. Lasch, who died in 2009, was the only non-Druze witness to the whole incident.