Story Of Family Attacked By Demons Makes Big News

A 6,000 words news piece published in the Indianapolis Star was picked up by most major news sites starting with Drudge, The Daily Mail, The Independent, NY Daily News, The Blaze, Huffington Post UK, Gawker and USA Today.

The Daily Mail really run with it publishing two stories on the case even adding their own exclusive content and videos while most other outlets simply summarized the IndyStar article. Out of those I just listed, only Gawker and The Independent appeared to dismiss the story as just a case of child “performing” for their crazy religious mother.

To really get a good understanding of the case, I suggest you read the two DailyMail stories HERE and HERE and the original IndyStar story.

The Indianapolis Star obtained hundreds of pages of official documents while also carrying out more than a dozen interviews with police, psychologists, the Department of Child Services, relatives and a priest for their investigation.

The case is as creepy as it gets. Latoya Ammons moved into a ranted home with her mother and 3 children in Gary, Indiana in 2011. She first started to hear footsteps in the basement as well experience some the usual paranormal signs of a haunting.

Latoya Ammons

Thing took a turn for the worse however on March 10, 2012. Ammons, who had friends over, decided to go check up on her daughter only to find her levitating over her bed. Alerted by the screams of Ammons, Rosa Campbell, the mother and grandmother of the little girl came to the room and also witnessed what was happening.

The family then consulted two clairvoyants, they told them the house was haunted by hundreds of demons.

The children’s eyes bulged, wore evil smiles and deepened their voice when they were taken over by the demons, Ammons and Cambpell said.

The story then gets really interesting as credible 3rd parties like police officers, doctors, CPS workers, nurses, priest start to get involved and witness blatant paranormal episodes.

Ammons first reached out to their family doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu to seek help. The doctor then visited the children with medical staff and child services personnel only to be met by children cursing at them in deep voices.

During the visit, a DCS (Department of Child Services) report said the youngest child was ‘lifted and thrown into the wall with nobody touching him’. The family was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A psychiatrist evaluated Ammons and concluded she was ‘sound of mind’.

DCS family case manager Valerie Washington also interviewed the family while they were at the hospital and said the youngest boy began growling while and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Washington added in her DCS report that the youngest boy displayed a ‘weird grin’ and then walked backward up a wall to the ceiling while holding his grandmother’s hand, he then flipped back on his feet. A nurse that was also witness to the scene told the IndyStar ‘There’s no way he could’ve done that.’ The nurse also added that the boy glided slowly up the wall in a way that was not natural.

Then the police officers including the police chief got involved in the case and visited the house to investigate. Gary Police Captain, Charles Austin, a no non-sense cop who has seen and did it all in over his 30 years of service told the DailyMail: ‘Everyone of us who was there that day in the basement and who saw what we saw, went through what we went through after…we all think the same, we all call it the same. That bit of dirt is a portal to hell’

Police Officers Investigating the basement

One of the scarier thing that happened to captain Austin was when his car seat started to move back and forth, by itself, after he had left the haunted house.

During another visit, two Lake County officers with a police dog continued the investigation with Father Maginot, and DCS family case manager Samantha Ilic.

A strange liquid was seen dripping in the basement and that’s when Ilic made the mistake of touching it.

Ilic said that when she was in the living room, her left pinky finger started to tingle and whiten. She said it felt broken.

Then Ilic was hit by a series of medical problems after leaving the house. Third-degree burns, three broken ribs, broken hand and a broken ankle. All happened on separate occasions and all within 30 days after the visit.

And of course we have Father Maginot who performed 3 exorcisms on Ammons. He said he first came in to help as a bit of a skeptic, trying to disprove what was happening but later had to acknowledge that the family was telling the truth.

‘I think there was a curse placed on the mother, that she was the focus, possibly by an ex-boyfriend or his wife, and that combined with some tragedy and perhaps occult practices that had taken place in that house before and that had opened a portal,’ Father Maginot said.

This would make sense as the landlord of the place has said that there were no problems before and after the family left the house. Of course, the fact that Father Maginot exorcised the house and sealed the portal might have helped also.

But this story is reminiscent of the Enfield Poltergeist case where the bad spirits where attached to a person, not necessarily the house.

So. Is this finally an admission that the paranormal exists? Of course not. Officially, while CPS/DCS workers, nurses, police officers, priest, etc… have all confirmed the paranormal aspect of this story, clinical psychologists Stacy Wright and Joel Schwartz had the last word, they concluded after evaluating the children that there was a perfectly scientific explanation for everything that happened. The kids, according to them, were driven to a state of delusion by their religious mother.

“This appears to be an unfortunate and sad case of a child who has been induced into a delusional system perpetuated by his mother and potentially reinforced by other relatives”, Dr. Wright wrote in her psychological evaluation.

“There also appears to be a need to assess the extent to which (Ammons’ daughter) may have been unduly influenced by her mother’s concerns that the family was exposed to paranormal experiences,” Schwartz wrote.

Of course, they conveniently passed over many details that would disprove that conclusion. Were the DCS workers, nurses, police officers, family members and priest all induced by the mother also, into a state of deep delusion to a point where they all started to hallucinate? Clinical psychologists are taught in school that the paranormal does not exist and possessed people are automatically either crazy or acting, in my opinion, they are the ones who have been induced into a deep state of denial by their teachers and the scientific establishment.

When I first read the two DailyMail stories, the comments of those believing the story had 10 times more thumbs up then thumbs down and those who would say something like “Ghosts don’t exist, you are all dumb for believing that story” got buried. Today, I looked at the “Best and Worst Rated” comments and it’s now the other way around, strange.

What do you think of this story, and if you don’t believe any of it, please explain, just saying that those things don’t exist isn’t an argument.