Sasquatch Sighted in Virginia

In Virginia, a tall, dark-haired hominid was sighted on the banks of a river and it’s making the rounds on the internet. The sighting was filmed by Randy O’Neal 40, and his father during a boat trip. The video was uploaded on YouTube. You can watch the video here:

O’Neal was with his dad on a boat trip along the Intercoastal Waterway in Virginia last weekend when they saw a strange creature come out of the woods. The Sasquatch video and images were met with a significant level of skepticism on social media because the creature showed very indistinct features thus, it cannot be verified if the hominid in question is indeed the elusive Bigfoot.

Some critics believe the creature is not a Bigfoot at all, but is in fact, just a tree stump or other mundane things found at the river bank. But O’Neal believes what they saw that day was the real thing.

“My memories and experiences have made me a believer. I can honestly say that these are the clearest, most ‘non-blurred’ images I personally have ever seen.”

It wasn’t the first time that O’Neal claimed to have seen a Sasquatch. 25 years ago, O’Neal recalled seeing a hulking creature with red eyes looking straight at their camping site on night on a camping trip. He was also with his father during the incident. They managed to snap a picture of the alleged Sasquatch that they posted it immediately online so that internet users can attempt to prove if the image is fake.