ROBBIE WILLIAMS Trying To Buy Is Own Island For UFO Hunting!

Singer Robbie Williams is completely obsessed with UFOs, so much so that he regularly goes on UFO hunting trips in the hope of witnessing a UFO for the fourth time in his life. Robbie claims to have witnessed 3 flying saucers so far in his life and even expressed the desire to become a ufologist.

But now, the singer is stepping things up a notch by trying to buy his own private island, renowned for its clear and dark night skies perfect for spotting UFOs, 22 miles from Los Angeles shoreline. Robbie fell in love with the 1.3-acre White Rock Island when he and is wife Ayda spent some time there last year on a UFO hunting trip. The current owner of White Rock is Hollywood director Michael Caffrey and it is reported that Robbie offered him $660,000 to take it off his hands.

“He’s in negotiations and he’s thrilled at the prospect of buying White Rock. Ayda’s hooked on his UFO kick,” said a source close to the singer.

Let’s hope for the singer that if he encounters any alien crafts on his island…he wont get abducted!

[Source/Business Standard]