Ghosts Have you seen one?

Haunted Britain – 31% Have Seen A Ghost!

  The Sun polled 3,000 of their readers on the paranormal and some of the stats are very interesting. Close to a third

Ghost Video cctv_ghost

Is This A Ghost Caught On A CCTV Camera?

English workers at a paper factory in Kent were left spooked after seeing a white orb floating in front of CCTV cameras and… more »

Aliens 51

BBC Crew Arrested At Gunpoint After Entering AREA 51 !

Stars of the BBC ‘UFO: Conspiracy Road Trip’ documentary, comedian Andrew Maxwell and UFO expert Darren Perks were arrested

Celebrities robbie_williams_ufos

ROBBIE WILLIAMS Trying To Buy Is Own Island For UFO Hunting!

Singer Robbie Williams is completely obsessed with UFOs, so much so that he regularly goes on UFO hunting trips in the hope of… more »

Cryptids cryptids

Villagers In Pakistan Captures “The Predator”?

A photo showing Pakistani villagers gathered around a strange hanged creature is getting a lot of buzz on the web. It is said… more »

UFO ufos

UK’s Ministry Of Defense Rules UFOs Not A Threat – Will Not Investigate Them Anymore!

And if you see one, please don’t call – the hotline has been scrapped! Yeah, apparently, it was costing tax payers too much

Ghost Photo ghost_top_hat

Teenage Girl Captures On Her iPad The Ghost Of A Man Wearing A Top Hat?

Charlotte Wearing, 16, claims to have captured with her iPad a Victorian ghost wearing a top hat, in her garden. What makes this… more »

Ghost Photo child_ghost

Couple Sets Up CCTV Camera To Catch Vandals – Catches ‘Child Ghost’ Instead!

Lisa Rigley, 44, and husband Phil, 51, of Clifton, Nottingham, set up a security camera outside their home in an attempt to catch… more »

Aliens aliens

BC Couple Terrorized By Two “Non-Human Entities” Standing On Their Patio!

Police responded to a call of a man and a woman screaming from their apartment in Port Coquitlam, BC. When they arrived, the… more »

Aliens roswell

Ex-CIA Agent Claims Roswell Was REAL – Aliens Did Crash!

35-year CIA veteran Chase Brandon says aliens truly crashed at Roswell!

Ghost Photo cafe

Motion Sensor Cameras In Cafe Capture Roaming Ghost!

Cafe owner Dan Clifford, 35, was certain an intruder had forced himself in until he realized the intruder was… transparent! And that’s not… more »

Ghost Photo pub

Is This Old Man Looking Through A Pub Window A GHOST?

Well, that’s what Adrian O’Brien, the photographer, along with pub regulars and staff think! They all claim to never have seen such an… more »