Ghost Video ghost-footage

CCTV Captures Eerie Ghost In 763-year-old Pub

Ye Olde Man, a 763-year-old pub in Britain is reportedly haunted by the ghost of the seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley. Manager… more »

Ghosts Police Officers investigating the basement

Story Of Family Attacked By Demons Makes Big News

A 6,000 words news piece published in the Indianapolis Star was picked up by most major news sites starting with Drudge, The Daily… more »

UFO plane

Heathrow Jet Pilot Reports That Cigar Shape UFO Nearly Hit Him

The pilot of an Airbus A320 saw what he described as a “cigar/rugby ball-like in shape, bright silver and metallic-like in construction” fly… more »

Ghosts Rita_Hayworth

Children Recounting Their Past Lives Have Renowned Professor Convinced!

Dr Jim Tucker has spent 10 years of his life studying and investigating many cases of young children, often around 2 or 3-years-old,… more »

Aliens reptile on mars

Animals Keep Being Spotted On Mars!

Many people interested in all things UFO/Alien have long suspected NASA to be keeping many secrets when it comes to extra-terrestrial life on… more »

UFO Amateur Astronomer Daron Nunn

Amateur Astronomer Stunned By What He Saw In The Sky

A mysterious bright light floating in the Southwest Bakersfield’s sky was spotted and filmed for a second night in a row. Witnesses say… more »

Ghosts Ghostly Healer

Lady Claims A Ghost Healed Her And Has A Photo to Prove It!

A Norfolk woman believes that a ghost healed her during a visit to the St Mary’s Church in Worstead and best of all,… more »

Ghosts fort

Indian Archaeologists Digging Up To Find Treasure Based In Ghostly Advice

Archaeologists in India are digging under a 19th century fort hoping to find a massive treasure after a popular Hindu holy man told… more »

Bigfoot / Sasquatch bigfoot2

Are Those 2 Bigfoots?

Hiker John Stoneman, 57, was traveling through Kinzua State Park near Bradford, Pennsylvania with his girlfriend when he saw two large dark shapes… more »

Bigfoot / Sasquatch bigfoot

Vermont Man Claims This Is A Photo Of BIGFOOT!

Frank Siecienski, from Hubbardton, installed a camera in his backyard after repeated damage

Vampires vampire

A Vampire Is Terrorizing A Small Serbian Village! Mayor Declares Emergency!

“We are all frightened!” admitted Local mayor Miodrag Vujetic. He also confirmed that the local council

Cryptids yeti

Russian Scientist Claims That There is 200 YETIS Living In Southern Siberia!

Russian scientist Valentin Sapunov claims that around 200 yetis live in southern Siberia. Professor Sapunov