Celebrities natasha

Ukrainian Actress Confesses Sexy Time With A Ghost

Ukraine-born actress, Natasha Blasick made a shocking admission on British TV show, This Morning, last Tuesday. According to the stunning brunette, she’s had… more »

Celebrities ellen2

Ellen DeGeneres Lavish $40 Million Mansion, Haunted?

Comedian and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, who made it a habit to “scare” guests and even sending a couple of her executive… more »

UFO ufo3

Airline Pilot Reports “Near-Miss Collision” With Ball-Shaped UFO

An airline pilot reports a “near-miss” collision with a mysterious, ball-shaped aircraft near London’s Heathrow Airport. According to the report by UK Airprox… more »

UFO ufo

Ex-Military Men Reports Massive Triangular UFO in Georgia Skies

Two ex-military men who worked with aircrafts have filed a report claiming that a massive triangular UFO flew directly above then in Georgia… more »

Ghost Photo ghost 2

Ghostly Figure In Pasadena Crash Site

A Pasadena native got the surprise of her life as she snapped what looked like a ghostly being on a crash site. Danielle… more »

UFO ufo1

UFO Sighted In Wales

Wales resident, Elyse O’Neill was hanging by her garden one morning when she came across a sight that totally shook her very being,… more »

Bigfoot / Sasquatch yoqie

Yowie-Like Creature Caught on Film

Friends Jason Heal and Jason Dunn, two self-confessed “Yowie searchers” are claiming to have a footage of a bigfoot-like creature shot in South… more »

UFO Hamzić

Former Army Fighter Jet Pilot Shares Many UFO Encounters

Suad Hamzić, a former Yugoslavian Army fighter jet pilot is no stranger to all things strange that flew over our skies. Sharing his… more »

Celebrities peaches ghost

Peaches Geldof’s Eerie Selfie

The world is reeling over the sudden “unexplained” death of British socialite and young mother of two, Peaches Geldof. The often-controversial British celebrity… more »

Aliens mars

Mysterious Martian Lights Snapped By NASA Rovers

NASA’s Curiosity Rover captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outwards Mars’ surface. The white beam of light, which is seen shining… more »

UFO secret air craft

Secret” Military Aircraft Caught On Camera

From whispers of Area 51 to the infamous Roswell cover-up, it’s no secret that the government knows more more about possible “alien visitations”… more »

Celebrities miley

Wrecking Ball Singer Miley Cyrus’ Ghostly Encounters

Controversial starlet and sometime actress, Miley Cyrus can add “ghost magnet” in her repertoire as she was photo-bombed by a ghostly visitor in… more »