Mystery reincarnation

Toddler Remembers Past Life, Names Killer

A three-year-old boy from Golan Heights region near the border of Israel and Syria allegedly remembered vivid details of his past life, including… more »

UFO ufo2

Three UFO Reportedly Crashed in Heilongjiang Province

A group of locals from far-flung Heilongjiang province of China reports seeing three UFOS falling from the sky and right into two counties.… more »

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Haunted Scottish Castle Turned Into Luxury Hotel

Birkwood Castle, which is considered as one of the most haunted castles in Scotland, has been turned into a luxury hotel and it… more »

News John Mack

William Shatner To Release A Book About Alien Abduction

Star Trek actor, comedian and accomplished thespian, William Shatner is working on a novel and it’s going to center around otherworldly beings. Guesting… more »

News island

World’s Most Haunted Island To Become A Resort?

One of Europe’s scariest places just might become your next vacation destination. The Italian government has placed the Poveglia Island in the Venice… more »

Ghosts car2

Beauty School Student Claims Dead Boyfriend Haunts Her Truck

A woman claims that her dead boyfriend is haunting her pick-up truck and now she’s forced t buy a new car. Beauty school… more »


Cigar-Shaped UFO Captured By NASA Rover on Mars

Scott Waring, the author of UFO Sightings Daily, alleges that NASA has been less than forthcoming when it comes to what the Curiosity… more »


Puerto Rico Surveillance Cam Caught UFO in Action

A seemingly normal night turned extraordinary when a surveillance camera caught what looked like a UFO in Puerto Rico. A witness was taking… more »

Vampires vampire

Vampire Burial Site Found in Poland?

Transylvania and Sunnydale might not be the only place infested by the blood-sucking undead. A burial site in Kamien Pomorski in northwestern Poland,… more »

Ghost Photo ghost

A Prank or Poltergeist: “Ghost” Caught On Film at Cascade Restaurant

Maybe the drive-through was the better option. A ghostly apparition is reportedly caught on tape in restaurant in Cascade. Chuck & Edna’s Maid-Rite… more »

Ghosts scutt

Haunted Illinois Mansion Yours For A Measly $159,000

A supposedly haunted mansion in Joliet, Illinois is being sold off for a shockingly low price of only $159,000. No, this is not… more »

UFO ufo1

UFOs Sighted in Eagle Rock California

Two Eagle Rock residents are opening up about what they believe they saw on the California sky between 9 AM to 11AM. The… more »