Bigfoot / Sasquatch bigfoot

Sasquatch Sighted in Virginia

In Virginia, a tall, dark-haired hominid was sighted on the banks of a river and it’s making the rounds on the internet. The… more »

News UFO 2

Official UFO Study Released by Chilean Government

A series of photos of an alleged UFO was taken from a remote copper mine in Chile and was deemed “a genuine UFO”… more »

Bigfoot / Sasquatch yeti

Alleged Bigfoot Hairs Go Through DNA Testing

Several hairs allegedly from a yeti were analyzed by scientists in a bid to trace the origins of the elusive cryptid. Oxford geneticist… more »

UFO orbs

Trio of Orbs Sighted Over Sherman Oaks

A trio of flashing orbs surprised several witnesses in Sherman Oaks this week. One of the witnesses was perched on high ground when… more »

Ghost Photo ghost girl

Ghostly Apparition in A 300 Year Old Pub

A 300-year-old pub in UK may be home to a number of restless spirits, according to a paranormal investigation team in Llan Ffestiniog.… more »

UFO texas3

Texas City Rocked by Low Flying UFO Sighting

On June 26, 2014, an entire block “filled with people” was stunned to see a large, triangular UFO noiselessly hovering over the neighborhood.… more »


NASA Successfully Flew First Flying Saucer

US Space agency, NASA, tested its first flying saucer  and the results are largely promising. The project, which aims to improve future Mars… more »

News hay2

Gloucestershire Residents Baffled Over Raining Hay Phenomenon

According to the Cheltenham weather forecast, residents can expect dry weather and clear blue skies but there was no mention of grass and… more »


UFO Caught On Video Near Galveston Sea Wall

A coastal city near the Galveston Island and Pelican Island in Texas gave UFO experts quite the field day. According to multiple witnesses,… more »

News ouija

3 People Possessed By Demonic Spirits After Ouija Sesh

Here’s another reason not to mess with the spirit world. Three Americans landed in the hospital after an Ouija session gone wrong. Alexandra… more »


14th Century Church Wall Painting Depicts UFO

A 14th century church painting in Romania may depict a UFO, according to a report filed by a known UFO research group. The… more »

Ghost Photo alactraz

Ghostly Figure Caught on Camera at Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Tour

Birmingham teaching assistant Sheila Sillery-Walsh and her husband saw more than the scenic view of the former prison site, Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in an… more »