Is This Old Man Looking Through A Pub Window A GHOST?

Well, that’s what Adrian O’Brien, the photographer, along with pub regulars and staff think! They all claim to never have seen such an old man at the pub that day.

If you look closely at the photo – which is actually 2 photos taken one after the other – you notice that the 2 main subjects of the photo are inside The Gin Mill pub leaning forward through the opened window. The old man behind them is much more elevated, as if he was standing on a chair or 8 foot tall!

When you combine that oddity with the fact that no one at the pub, including the staff remember seeing such a recognizable man, smoking a pipe(!), then the possibility of it being a ghost becomes significant. Ghosts appearing through windows or in mirrors are also not uncommon.

We however have to also consider the possibility that this is a fake. Which would be really impressive btw. Not everyone with Photoshop could accomplish this. This is more than just super-imposing two images – subtle details need to be perfect.

The photographer, Adrian O’Brien, had this to say about suggestions that this could be a hoax:

“The pictures are 110pc genuine,” he said. “The leading expert on photography in the world is free to come down and examine the photos. They haven’t been touched.

“We have the raw files, which can be examined by any labs.”

Brian Gallagher, of Leinster Paranormal boasts using “logic before paranormal” then saying, ” it is likely the person in the picture is not a ghost but a reflection of some sort. ”

OUCH! Logic and paranormal aren’t opposites first of all. Second this may not be paranormal at all BUT, one thing is sure, the old man is inside and it is not a reflection. If you actually use logic, you’ll notice that when the man move forward a few inches, his face becomes much clearer. If the man was 15 feet away from the pub outside, his face would remain as blurry even if he’d advance a little. You can also see that he is behind the reflections in the window, not in front. But the smoking gun here is the hand. Photo on the left, the hand is behind the window – photo on the right, the hand can be seen through the opened window.

ghost window
Photographer: Adrian O’Brien from Arklow, Ireland

What do you think – paranormal or not? Personally, I think those Raw files need to be examined by experts but who’s going to step up?



  • cormac

    I believe what Brian was trying to say was that it wasn’t paranormal. Considering this is already a few years old, I doubt you’ll get a look at the raw files. The official Leinster Paranormal standpoint is that it was someone standing inside the pub.

    Who said logic was the opposite of paranormal btw? Logic is used BEFORE one runs and claims it all to be paranormal. We didn’t realise that was so hard to comprehend so my apologies.

  • pnews

    Hi cormac, I think that claiming to always use logic before thinking *paranormal* insinuates or gives the impression that a logical explanation couldn’t possibly be related to the paranormal or paranormal explanations aren’t logical.

    Reality is, in many cases that are backed with solid evidence, a paranormal explanation IS the most logical explanation.

    Skeptics, scientists, etc.. will often spin the definitions of words like ‘reason’, ‘rational’ and ‘logic’ to make it sound like those words describes THEIR way of thinking. THEY use logic and reason while those believing in the paranormal are irrational, illogical, don’t have a sound judgement or mind.

    My point is why bite and use those terms when describing an explanation that is not paranormal? I’m sure there are better terms to use. And of course I do hope people don’t declare something to be paranormal before using logic.

    Btw, regarding your investigation of the case, did you find any explanation as to why the old man was towering over the man and the woman? Could he have been up on something, like stairs? I guess that would be the most important thing to figure out. Second most important, to find out if anyone working there, or any regulars, ever had “paranormal” experiences at the pub prior to this.

  • cormac

    ah – I see your interpretation of ‘logic before paranormal’ doesnt actually fit with what we mean when we say ‘logic before paranormal’. We mean ‘use your head before claiming its a ghost’.

    We never investigated that case … the paper rang us, asked us to check it out and comment. Brian visited the pub, talked to a few people and came to the conclusion there was no reason the man in the photo couldnt have been on the stairwell behind the people at the window. the geography of the pub would make it possible for someone walking up behind the couple to look as if they were towering over those sitting at the window sill. You can actually see that in both pictures where the old man is higher up in one photo than in the next. He was on the stairs.