Motion Sensor Cameras In Cafe Capture Roaming Ghost!

Cafe owner Dan Clifford, 35, was certain an intruder had forced himself in until he realized the intruder was… transparent! And that’s not the only time people at the Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in Perth (Scotland) have had mysterious experiences.

Dan said, “It’s all been very exciting. Over the past few months all the staff have experienced something. Some have heard voices.”

He then goes on to say that employees have seen chairs move and some were even pushed.

And that mediums walking by have stopped and entered the cafe telling the staff that they felt the presence of a woman.

Have a look at a screengrab from the CCTV footage (Link below) ▼

When you add the visual evidence of the CCTV footage to the many odd things the staff have experienced, it then becomes highly probable that this cafe is indeed, haunted by a ghost!