Massive Hole Appears Out of Nowhere in Siberia, Mystifies Scientists

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere, a massive, 250-foot crater of an unknown depth was sighted in the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. The crater’s origins baffled scientists and is being investigated on.

Researchers are ruling out a meteorite as the potential cause of the crater. A spokesperson from the Yamal’s branch of the Emergencies Ministry told Siberian Times that, “We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite. No details yet.”

UFO investigators speculates that the hole it could be connected to UFO sightings nearby but a likely explanation could be the thawing of Siberia’s permafrost, a result that’s tied to global warming. This theory is according to Anna Kurchatova, with the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre. You can watch a video of the mystifying crater here:

She adds that the rapid release of gas trapped within the ice and the sand beneath the surface could’ve caused an underground explosion, causing a massive crater.

The rapid release of gas previously trapped in the ice, she said, could have combined with sand beneath the surface to form an underground explosion.

The crater was first spotted by helicopter pilots earlier this week as they flew over the Yamal peninsula, in a region aptly named, “end of the world.” As scientists head to the peninsula to investigate, conspiracy theorists are speculating that the crater may have been caused by anything to sub-surface explosions to aliens to mole men.