Low Humming and Hovering UFO Haunts Middletown Witness

A Middletown, NYC native reported hearing low humming outside her home and as she looked outside, a slow-moving, rectangular UFO was hovering just 20 feet from her home! The report, which was filed on June 10, 21014 by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), featured witness account of the incident.

According to the NYC native, she was watching television around 1:30 in the morning on May 5, 2014 when she suddenly heard a low humming just outside her home. The sound caused her to look out a window and discovered a rectangular UFO floating at treetop level right in her home.

 “I saw three orange glowing lights in a rectangle form and it was moving very slow,” the witness stated. “I watched in disbelief and I was, to be honest, very afraid.”

The UFO continued to hover near the witness’ home for four to five minutes when suddenly, the lights “disappeared like someone was hitting the switch.”

It’s also noted that this was not the first time the witness saw UFO in her property. According to her testimony, the UFO she saw over her Middletown home is extremely similar to the one she saw over her previous farmhouse less than two years ago. During the incident, her husband also saw the UFO hovering over their farmhouse.

According to MUFON, there were over 31 UFO reports in New York in May 2014 alone, the third highest reporting state in the country. California has 102 reports last month, making it the highest reporting state.