Lady Claims A Ghost Healed Her And Has A Photo to Prove It!

A Norfolk woman believes that a ghost healed her during a visit to the St Mary’s Church in Worstead and best of all, she has a photo to prove it!

Diane Berthelot had been unwell for months after having her gallbladder removed, she was also taking antibiotics for an infection when a prayer appeared to have changed everything.

As Ms. Berthelot was sitting on a bench praying, she claims she felt a tingling sensation all over her body and felt “warm and comfortable”. It’s after this incident that she started to feel much better.

But 6 months later, her husband, who was snapping pictures in the church, finally developed the film only to discover something rather shocking, it appears that the ghost of a lady was directly behind Ms. Berthelot. Could there be a connection between this ghostly appearance, the tingling sensation and the miraculous healing? The couple seems convince of it!

Ghostly Healer


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