Is This A Ghost Caught On A CCTV Camera?

English workers at a paper factory in Kent were left spooked after seeing a white orb floating in front of CCTV cameras and now, many of the workers say they wont work alone anymore! Production manager, Nick Henry, tells that most of the workers have reported the feeling of being watched and some even claim that objects were mysteriously displaced.

“We have not seen the orb or glow again since, but a couple of them have said they have noticed their tools being moved.

“One of them even got trapped after a really heavy piece of kit somehow moved to block a door, again when no one else was around.” Nick said.

Check out the video and see for yourself!

Could it be a bug on the lens of the camera? By the way the orb moves, it definitely seems like it’s flying rather than just walking on the lens. The orb also changes size and opacity through out the video which would mean the insect moves away from the camera without the focus ever improving – which is strange. The erratic and choppy movements are also curious even if the video could have been shot at around 15 frames per second. I guess it all comes down to whether or not there is anything else that can back up the theory that a ghost was caught on tape. Noticing objects being move around mysteriously certainly supports that theory but this would be even more significant if any of those mysterious happenings were observed BEFORE they witness the orb on the CCTV Camera.

So what do you think? Insect or ghost?