Haunted Scottish Castle Turned Into Luxury Hotel

Birkwood Castle, which is considered as one of the most haunted castles in Scotland, has been turned into a luxury hotel and it only took multiple renovations worth an estimated £50million. The castle is a Gothic mansion constructed in 1860. After being a family home, the Birkwood Castle in Lesmahagow was a children’s hospital until it closed down in 2002.

The castle was later acquired by property tycoon, Chris Naylor and Jo Lloyd who turned the abandoned luxury home into a paradise retreat for guests and tourists.

The mansion sits in the middle of an 86-acres land. Naylor and Lloyd plans to build lodges and log cabins in strategic part of the property. Birkwood Castle has long been rumored to be haunted by former hospital patients. The castle has been featured many times on televised paranormal investigations.

Guests who have stayed in the Birkwood Castle reported supernatural activities throughout the years, mostly involving ghostly children roaming the hallways. According to legend, Birkwood Castle was once home to a boy named Michael. Michael would be often seen hanging out at the grand spiral staircase. He died after accidentally falling over the stairs.

Guests have also reported hearing a girl’s voice, as well as phantom crying and signing within the empty rooms of the castle. A former doctor to the old children hospital would also be seen standing on a window, looking out to the property.

In 2013, Ghosthunters, Glasgow Paranormal Investigations featured the Birkwood Castle in a series called “Haunted Planet TV”. The TV crew shares that the paranormal activities within the Birkwood Castle were one of the most active they have ever come across.

While the entrepreneurs relent that funding the project has been extremely challenging, both Naylor and Lloyd are positive that the project will be a success.

Jo said: “I imagine the locals will think that the project has fallen through as to look at the site there has been little structural change. There has been a lot of work carried out already that people is unaware of and we are now on the way to driving things forward.”

If the plan pushes through, the project will be carried out in stages over the course of several years. However, the redevelopment and renovations of the castle itself will start immediately.