Haunted Illinois Mansion Yours For A Measly $159,000

A supposedly haunted mansion in Joliet, Illinois is being sold off for a shockingly low price of only $159,000. No, this is not an infomercial at all, the Hiram Scutt Mansion went up for sale but has since taken off the market for a much higher price that will “remain a secret until the deal closes”, this according to real estate broker, Maria Cronin.

Built in 1882, the 4,960 square foot home boasts of 5 five bedrooms, a sprawling lawn, a doll room and two mysterious deaths within its walls. The Hiram Scutt mansion was home to civil war veteran and Joliet barbed wire pioneer, Hiram Scutt. The house is a scene of at least two mysterious deaths.

Several paranormal groups have investigated the mansion and concluded that the house is indeed, haunted. Some witnesses reports hearing voices, feeling things like “fingers running through their hair” and other strange occurrences.

According to local paranormal research group, the Illinois Paranormal Research Association (IPRA), the doll room in the third floor is the most haunted part of the mansion. The mansion’s current owner claims that the incredibly low selling price of the mansion has nothing to do with its ghostly inhabitants. She was hoping that the mansion be turned into a bed and breakfast and admits she didn’t know what she was getting into when she took the listing.

The Hiram Scutt mansion was taken over by the original owner’s son Frank in 1889 but later sold it to Daniel Watson who in turn, converted the name to “Barb Villa”. The Barb Villa became a girl’s school and home for women who came to the city to work. The mansion was eventually sold in 2004 to real estate broker, Brian Kearney and periodically, he would rent out rooms in the mansion.

In 2006, football players at the nearby St. Francis University rented the place to throw a huge party. As the party progressed, things got a little out of hand and a scuffle ensued. Steven Jenkins, then 19, was fatally shot at the party and Donald Motley and Jerod Milian were charged for his murder.

A year after Jenkins’ death, a historian and a John Wilkes Booth impersonator bought the home and died a mysterious death. The mansion is said to be haunted by the very same people who died within the house as well as ghostly inhabitants from the turn of the century.