Haunted Britain – 31% Have Seen A Ghost!

Have you seen one?


The Sun polled 3,000 of their readers on the paranormal and some of the stats are very interesting. Close to a third of Brits claim to have seen a ghost, a whopping 64% have felt a presence in an empty room while 76% believe in the likely existence of ghosts!

A survey done in Scotland found that 1 in 10 home owners believe their house to be haunted while 57% wouldn’t buy a house if it was haunted. That means that there’s at least 57% of Scots who believe in ghosts!

Coming face to face with an apparition seems much likelier if you are a Brit or a Scot living in very old house but you might be surprised to learn that North American surveys on the topic produced results that aren’t THAT different.

A 2003 Harris poll showed that 51 percent of Americans actually believed in ghosts. CBS did one in 2009 surveying 808 adults by telephone – the results were that a majority believed in ghosts, 48% against 45%. The survey also found that 22% of Americans have seen or felt a ghost. A Canadian poll conducted in 2006 by Ipsos Reid found that 47% of Canadians believed in ghosts. 1 in 5 say they have been in the presence of a ghost. Also revealing, 40% of Canadians say they OR someone they know have been in the presence of a ghost.

Based on those stats, one can safely assume that hundreds of millions of people worldwide are certain to have seen a ghost or been in their presence! That’s a lot of witnesses Your Honor!

P.S. If we really want to find out the true proportion of people believing in ghosts, we can’t simply ask, “Do you believe in ghosts?”. I have found that most people claiming not to believe in ghosts actually do. When you ask them a much more revealing question such as “Would you spend a few hours alone at night in a house reputed to be very haunted?”, they practically all say “no way!”. “I don’t believe in ghosts, but I am afraid of them.”, Mark Twain once said. That says it all!