Ghostly Apparition in A 300 Year Old Pub

A 300-year-old pub in UK may be home to a number of restless spirits, according to a paranormal investigation team in Llan Ffestiniog. The Gwynedd Paranormal Investigation’s team launched an investigation following an apparition caught on camera in the pub.

A fundraiser event was held in the pub to benefit different charities in Wales. The event went on smoothly until one guest captured what is believed to be a ghostly apparition of a girl in the archway of the door.

One witness says, “We didn’t physically see anything and only saw the ghost of the girl once we’d looked at the pictures which left us amazed.”

Llan Ffestiniog has long been infamous for paranormal activities. Rumor has it that a lot of people have died in Llan Ffestiniog before it was turned into a pub. Local residents were no stranger to paranormal activities either, many reported seeing strange things happening on that particular area, other report hearing strange noises and loud bangs at random times of the day.

The investigation took two hours to complete. According to the investigation team’s leader:

 “We’d been told by some local residents that a lot of people had died there over the years from different illnesses and diseases, we also heard there was a tunnel underground which ran to a church and bodies were buried down there. “It was an extremely interesting night at the Pengwern, there was a lot of activity – we heard a lot of bangs, noises and footsteps”.

According to one of the team members, something may have happened to the little girl and that is the reason why she seems to haunt the area.

 “If you look closely you can clearly see a little girl with her head slightly bowed to one side and her hands in front of her. There seems to be some other phenomena going on in the picture too but not as clear as the girl. I’ve been involved in paranormal investigations for around 10 years and this picture is just fantastic, I’m usually quite skeptical when it comes to pictures taken of paranormal activity but in this case I’m not at all.”