Former Army Fighter Jet Pilot Shares Many UFO Encounters

Suad Hamzić, a former Yugoslavian Army fighter jet pilot is no stranger to all things strange that flew over our skies. Sharing his experience on Tango Six, he reaffirms his beliefs in UFO and even went on record to share several encounters he had with UFOs in the past.

Before being an accomplished jet fighter, Hamzić attended the Yugoslavian Air Force Academy and the RAF Staff College in the UK. From the 80s to the 90s, he served as a military attaché of the armed forces of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Turkey then retired in 1993 as a colonel.

Hamzić recounts his first UFO encounter in the spring of 1972. It was early in the afternoon and he was doing routine reconnaissance flight in the Delcina record. He was flying a Mig-21 jet and in the back was Captain First Class Stipić Dušan. Upon takeoff, they were asked to check out a strange thing that showed up on their radar. They flew to the coordinates and from there they saw a bright, luminous object that does not look earthly at all.

Hamzić was unable to determine the altitude of the object but figured it was much higher than the jet we was flying. He tried to climb higher to get a close look at the object, which got bigger and bigger as Hamzić climbed. However, because it was a routine reconnaissance flight, the jet was not equip with the proper tools to fly at higher altitude or at a speed greater than Mach 1.6. But then, the object zipped out to west and it decreased in luminosity and size. It was gone in seconds, at an impressive speed. Hamzić estimated that the speed that the object moved was between 4 to 6,000 km/h.

Hamzić and Dušan did not make any official report on the UFO sighting. Within a couple of months after theur strange encounter, Hamzić sees a UFO for the second time, this time, his colleagues saw the strange object too.

Despite being away from the army for decades, Hamzić continues to see UFOs hovering the skies and even recorded several strange lights in 2008 and again in 2011. However, each time he sees something strange in the skies and assumed that other people have witnessed it too, the sightings were never mentioned, like it never happened at all. Hamzić believes that the government has been hard at work covering up the strange objects that seems to fly over our skies with alarming regularly.