Flight Passenger Photographed UFO Over London Skies

Imagine getting on the plane thinking it’ll be just like any other flight you took only to snap real live UFO from the plane window?

A flight passenger has photographed a UFO five times while flying over London from an airplane window. The plane was reported to be over England on May 25, 2014, when the passenger took the photos. From the photos, a dark-colored disk is seen with lights flashing on either side. It appears that the object is flying above the cloud line.

While the images released online seemed interesting, it’s worth nothing that the source of the images were unknown and very little detail were released about the images.

For instance, it is debated whether the passenger was aboard a private or a commercial plane when the pictures were being taken. The photos, which were published in a video uploaded by YouTube user, UFOvni2012. The video shows an extreme close-up of the mysterious aircraft and different photo filters were used throughout the film, complete with dramatic score.

The only details that would point to the origins of the images were in the title of the video: “UFO Flies By Plane Window In London UK, May 25, 2014 In The Morning.”

While some experts believe that the photos could be evidence that a real UFO was seen flying near a commercial plane, others are still skeptical. Some believe that the object is not an unidentified flying object but merely a conventional craft, like a military drone or even another airplane with details fabricated to sway UFO enthusiasts.

Others assert that the images were in fact, photoshopped and some who scrutinized the pictures believe that the UFO is in fact a chip in the window. While speculations over what was the strange object that was shot on May of 2014, details are limited because of the poor quality of the photos and the lack of details regarding its origin.