Filipino Toddler Comes Back From The Dead?

Is it a case of mistaken diagnosis or did a 2 year old Filipino girl really came back from the dead? That’s the question locals in Zamboanga del Sur are asking themselves after news of a dead toddler coming back to life before her burial began to spread. The incident, which was picked up by local and international press, happened in a remote Aurora town in Mindanao, Philippines.

According to the official report, the two-year-old girl has been declared dead by the doctors at a local clinic where she was rushed last Friday, July 11, 2014.

Quoting the toddler’s mother, the child was brought to the hospital after suffering from high fever and cough. Her condition worsened and died last Friday. Her body was brought back to her parents and a wake was held in their residence.

On Saturday, the child was due for burial. The body was taken to the local church for a mass before burial. When family members opened the casket one last time, they were shocked to see the girl moving her head. One of the family member tried looking for a pulse and allegedly, a faint pulse was detected.

However, the doctors that looked after the sick child were adamant that the girl has been clinically dead despite several attempts to revive her. She was declared dead last Saturday at 9 AM.

There were conflicting reports on the status of the child after “coming back to life” but according to a local inspector, the child was being observed and “appears to remain in a state of comatose.”

But such an incredible story had a sad ending. The child was later declared dead for the second time. Doctors advised the parents to bury the child quickly before diseases start to spread.