Farmer Demands Compensation From Aliens For Crop Circle Damages

In the remote town of Boskovice in the Czech Republic, a massive, 6,000 square-meter crop circle appeared on a farmer’s field on Saturday, June 28, 2014. And the farmer is fuming mad because of the damages the crop circle caused! He is finding ways to formally file a complaint against the perpetrators.

According to an article by The Croatian Times, the crop circle featured 4-pointed star framed by a cicle with a mysterious Stonehenge-shaped blocks set in a smaller circle. You can check out the crop circle on video below:

The appearance of the crop circle rocked local and international media, prompting a boom in tourism in the region. Despite the worldwide attention, one person was not pleased at the recent developments and that’s the landowner, Jan Karlik, 55.

Karlik express his anger over those who are responsible for the crop circles by demanding justice. The landowner said the crop circle caused over $1,000 of damage to his land and he wants the person to pay.

“I don’t care where they were from, even if they are aliens, they need to be made to pay.”

Some residents are suspicious over the crop circle being made by aliens. One local reveals, “Most people round here think it was done by human hands although nobody’s really sure exactly who was to blame.”

Local authorities and the government are looking into the case. Iva Sebkova, a spokesperson for the local government said: “Extraterrestrial civilizations and the influence of air vortices are not excluded, but we are currently concentrating on looking for human culprits.”