The Dyatlov Pass Incident On Blamed on Killer Yeti

On February 1959, nine students went on to climb the icy slopes of Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Days later, they were found dead, their corpses mangled and broken, skulls were bashed in and ribs broken in places. In one grotesque case, a woman’s eye has been gouge out, her tongue missing.

Investigators were baffled by the sheer violence of the carnage. At the time of the tragedy, the investigators declared the death of the Russian students were due to a “compelling natural force.” A new television series by Discovery Channel is aimed at reinvestigating the case, determined to find out the real culprit behind the killings.

Unfortunately, because the carnage took place during the Cold War, there were speculations the nine students were killed by top-secret Soviet weapon and others claim the carnage may be the handiwork of indigenous tribes that kills outsiders. Despite the rumors and speculations over the incident, the murder site suggests that a massive creature, a legendary creature known as “Menk” or a Russian Yeti, may have done the brutal murders.

Blaming the deaths on a yet-undiscovered creature may be a stretch but strange evidence in the murder scene leads investigators to believe that a wild creature may have killed the victims. Evidence shows they were killed by something that possesses force greater than an ordinary man, a force “equal to that of a car crash,” said Boris Vozrozhdenny, one of the doctors on the case in an unsealed documents published by The Times.

For instance, one of the tents in the camping site was slashed from the inside. Some of the were virtually naked despite the sub-zero temp. There was evidence that the victims tried to climb the trees in order to save themselves from the onslaught. Prints on the snow suggest some victims ran from the camp barefoot. Tests show the clothing the victims wore had high levels of radiation.

Despite the violence of the attack, the Russian investigators claimed that there was no foul play and shut the case quickly.

Even stranger, the Russian government was adamant in denying the autopsy report of the victims and refuses to release any documents related to the killing even 30 years after the incident. The Russian investigators claimed all students died of hypothermia.

Despite mountains of evidence that suggests the existence of the Menk, nobody in the mountains wants to see them much more blame the grisly death of 9 students on the creature. However, the documentary hopes to renew interest in the case and launch a reinvestigation to determine the real cause of the slaughter.