Creepy Ghost Face Snapped At Demi Lovato Show

Former X Factor judge, musician and actress, Demi Lovato may have a ghost for a fan! Lovato, a believer of all things paranormal, is convinced that her house is haunted, according to an interview by MTV.

In fact, the Sonny With a Chance star has invited paranormal investigators and psychic mediums into her home in a bid to contact the spirit of a young girl named Emily. Emily is reported a “playful ghost, who likes to toy with electronics.”

And from the looks of it, Emily isn’t the only one who is smitten by the actress’ music. A photo was snapped of Lovato and it seemed to show a ghostly face lurker just behind her. Check out the creepy picture below:

Some paranormal experts speculate that Lovato made herself a magnet for ghosts because she kept messing with her house while others are skeptical over the picture, suggesting it was either photoshopped or a number of distortion by the camera used to take the picture.

Timothy Davis, the director of the Center for Paranormal Investigation Association weighs in on the photos and believes the creepy ghost face may have been the result of a lens flare or backscatter.

“My opinion is that it is very a compelling photo, but without a better quality photo or more evidence, it doesn’t appear to be supernatural to me. I am leaning toward thinking that the face could be caused by the perfect combination of a few random factors.”

Such factors include sensor noise, lens flares or sensory matrixing. In a BuzzFeed interview, Lovato admits to go on ghost haunting frequently

“I think I have a really strong connection to the afterlife,” Lovato shares.