Cigar-Shaped UFO Captured By NASA Rover on Mars

Scott Waring, the author of UFO Sightings Daily, alleges that NASA has been less than forthcoming when it comes to what the Curiosity Rover has been recording in the Martian sky.

According to Waring, he has obtained footages of cigar-shaped UFO filmed by the NASA rover. NASA has not commented on the case but screen caps of the 12 minute-video has surfaced online. The series of images features a prominent streak of light in the sky.

You can watch the video here:

Waring presented the photos last week. While the UFO may be hard to see, because the photo size is tiny, it can be seen streaking in the sky in one direction. Waring has enlarged the photos in order to enhance the details of the alleged UFO.

”I am not a NASA scientist and should not have to do this. They get photos from the rover that are always 1MB at the smallest and upwards of 600MB in size in HD detail, so why does NASA put up these tiny images for the public to view, when they have such massive sized originals? It shows NASAs obliviousness to the needs of the people.”


Waring also created a .gif version of the photos to highlight the motion and the angle of the aircraft. At some point in the moving image, wings can be clearly seen on the sides of the UFO. In total, there are 6 images leaked and five of them features the mysterious aircraft. The one is assumed to be an image of an empty sky.

The shape of the mysterious aircraft is clearly long, cigar-shaped with a luminous glow. While most UFO critics believe this was an anomaly caused when the exposure was open, allowing the photo to record in a few seconds, Waring claims that the shutter speed was normal.