CCTV Captures Eerie Ghost In 763-year-old Pub

Ye Olde Man, a 763-year-old pub in Britain is reportedly haunted by the ghost of the seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley. Manager Tony Dooley, a skeptic, found that out for himself when he saw what looks like a hooded ghost flickering on the footage of a CCTV camera.

Mr Dooley was alarmed by broken bottles on the floor when he came in one morning and was certain an intruder had tried to rob them. But when he watched the footage of the security camera, he realized that the culprit was something else, something paranormal!

Eerie Apparition

Hundreds of soldiers and civilians were killed right outside the pub during the Bolton Massacre in 1644. James Stanley who is thought to be haunting the place was beheaded soon after visiting the pub. The chair he was sitting on is still in the pub today.

A psychic who visited the place said that it was haunted by at least 25 spirits.

Mr Doodley is hoping his customers won’t be put off by the pub’s reputation of being haunted saying, “There is a well-known haunt in Bolton and people are quite receptive of it.”

James Stanley – Is he the ghost?

See the footage for yourself below:

The footage is of course very compelling but could it be a hoax? Of course it could but considering the history of the place and the fact that it is already a well-known local haunt, I’m tempted to believe that this real footage. And if it IS real footage, could there be any doubt that this is a ghostly manifestation?

What do you think?