Multicolored Orbs Snapped in Austria

Dozens of locals witnessed a fleet of multicolored orbs of light in Austria early this month. A couple was able to snap a… more »

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Abnormally High UFO Sightings in Remote Turkish Port City Baffles Local Media

A port in the city of Bordum has been getting a lot of attention from local media for the abnormally high numbers of… more »


Trio of Orbs Sighted Over Sherman Oaks

A trio of flashing orbs surprised several witnesses in Sherman Oaks this week. One of the witnesses was perched on high ground when… more »


Texas City Rocked by Low Flying UFO Sighting

On June 26, 2014, an entire block “filled with people” was stunned to see a large, triangular UFO noiselessly hovering over the neighborhood.… more »


UFO Caught On Video Near Galveston Sea Wall

A coastal city near the Galveston Island and Pelican Island in Texas gave UFO experts quite the field day. According to multiple witnesses,… more »


14th Century Church Wall Painting Depicts UFO

A 14th century church painting in Romania may depict a UFO, according to a report filed by a known UFO research group. The… more »


Low Humming and Hovering UFO Haunts Middletown Witness

A Middletown, NYC native reported hearing low humming outside her home and as she looked outside, a slow-moving, rectangular UFO was hovering just… more »

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Witness Account of Michigan Dirt Biker Allegedly Chased by UFO

What  should’ve been a pleasant stroll in a peaceful town of Newberry turned into a harrowing ordeal for a Michigan man. On the… more »


Flight Passenger Photographed UFO Over London Skies

Imagine getting on the plane thinking it’ll be just like any other flight you took only to snap real live UFO from the… more »


Giant “Alien Monster” Destroyed By US Militants

While UFO sightings have become fairly common in various parts of the world, an alleged video shows a group of US militants destroying… more »


West Midlands Mom Discovers UFO in Her Backyard

A West Midlands, UK mom was surprised to see a strange lightshow right in her own backyard. Michele Bardsley, a market trader who… more »


Three UFO Reportedly Crashed in Heilongjiang Province

A group of locals from far-flung Heilongjiang province of China reports seeing three UFOS falling from the sky and right into two counties.… more »