Beauty School Student Claims Dead Boyfriend Haunts Her Truck

A woman claims that her dead boyfriend is haunting her pick-up truck and now she’s forced t buy a new car. Beauty school… more »


A Prank or Poltergeist: “Ghost” Caught On Film at Cascade Restaurant

Maybe the drive-through was the better option. A ghostly apparition is reportedly caught on tape in restaurant in Cascade. Chuck & Edna’s Maid-Rite… more »


Haunted Illinois Mansion Yours For A Measly $159,000

A supposedly haunted mansion in Joliet, Illinois is being sold off for a shockingly low price of only $159,000. No, this is not… more »


Ellen DeGeneres Lavish $40 Million Mansion, Haunted?

Comedian and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, who made it a habit to “scare” guests and even sending a couple of her executive… more »


Wrecking Ball Singer Miley Cyrus’ Ghostly Encounters

Controversial starlet and sometime actress, Miley Cyrus can add “ghost magnet” in her repertoire as she was photo-bombed by a ghostly visitor in… more »

Police Officers investigating the basement

Story Of Family Attacked By Demons Makes Big News

A 6,000 words news piece published in the Indianapolis Star was picked up by most major news sites starting with Drudge, The Daily… more »


Children Recounting Their Past Lives Have Renowned Professor Convinced!

Dr Jim Tucker has spent 10 years of his life studying and investigating many cases of young children, often around 2 or 3-years-old,… more »

Ghostly Healer

Lady Claims A Ghost Healed Her And Has A Photo to Prove It!

A Norfolk woman believes that a ghost healed her during a visit to the St Mary’s Church in Worstead and best of all,… more »


Indian Archaeologists Digging Up To Find Treasure Based In Ghostly Advice

Archaeologists in India are digging under a 19th century fort hoping to find a massive treasure after a popular Hindu holy man told… more »

Have you seen one?

Haunted Britain – 31% Have Seen A Ghost!

  The Sun polled 3,000 of their readers on the paranormal and some of the stats are very interesting. Close to a third