Beauty School Student Claims Dead Boyfriend Haunts Her Truck

A woman claims that her dead boyfriend is haunting her pick-up truck and now she’s forced t buy a new car. Beauty school student, Deanna Stinson believes that the spirit of her recently deceased boyfriend, Alex, is haunting her beat up pick-up truck.

She recounts her strange experience after hiring paranormal investigator, Paul Dale in hopes to contact her dead boyfriend and put a stop to the haunting. Stinson reports hearing muffled male voice while in the vehicle. The incident happened just days after Alex’s unexpected death

Stinson has been dating Alex for only a month when he died of a drug overdose in 2005. Three days after his death, she began experiencing supernatural encounters using the truck. In one instance, she felt someone touching her as she was making a long drive to Sacramento wearing a skirt that Alex used to love.

Paul Dale Roberts checked the car and tried to record the voice of the Alex. From the audio the pair believe they heard a male voice trying to answer their questions.

‘I could feel touching on my hair and on my shoulders, on my thighs, just everywhere. My concentration would be lost a lot of the times, but I would just pray, and then it would stop,’ she added.

In certain heart-stopping instances, Stinson believed she saw Alex in the rearview mirror and sometimes even in the passenger seat. In one encounter, Alex even gave her a shoulder massage.

“I was starting to get freaked out and I don’t like to be touched by ghostly hands, especially when I am driving,” she said in an interview. That’s when she decided to hire a paranormal investigator hoping to end the haunting.

Paul Dale Roberts, who authored many supernatural-based books, used electronic devices to test the truck for ghosts. From the audio recording, it seems that Alex is indeed still among the living. However, Roberts believe that Alex is not attached to the truck but to Deanna.

As for Ms. Stinson, she’s fine with his presence in her new car as long as Alex doesn’t do anything to interfere with her driving.