BBC Crew Arrested At Gunpoint After Entering AREA 51 !

Stars of the BBC ‘UFO: Conspiracy Road Trip’ documentary, comedian Andrew Maxwell and UFO expert Darren Perks were arrested at gunpoint along with 10 other team members 30 minutes after going beyond the NO TRESPASSING sign at the famous Area 51. Baffled that no guard was in sight 30 minutes after crossing the border, one of the team member took a closer look at one of the security huts along the road and saw guards inside eating and watching a basketball game. Then they made a mistake – they knocked on the door. In their words, all hell broke loose! The guards rushed out pointing their M16 at the crew.

‘We were told that this incident was so serious that Washington had to call London to advise that 12 ‘Brits’ had just breached security at America’s most top-secret military base and that we all were at one point going to jail for six months.

‘Luckily whoever it was in Washington was kind enough to just fine us.’

Darren Perks also mentioned that a guard told him that they could make them disappear and nobody would ever find their bodies.

He also added that he was told an Apache helicopter along with 20 military guards were dispatched after they entered the restricted area. Sensors in the ground sounded the alarm.

The crew spent the next day in Las Vegas, waiting for new equipment since it was confiscated the day before by the FBI. But the drama continued as they were followed all day by unmarked Government vehicles.

Now safely back in England, each members of the crew had to pay a $600 fine for trespassing. While they were threaten with death and jail time, working for the BBC certainly helped their cause.

So what do you think they hide in there? Numerous people have filmed strange lights moving in impossible ways over Area 51. Is it alien technology like many claim? With that type of security, sounds like we’ll have to wait for the disclosure!