Animals Keep Being Spotted On Mars!

Many people interested in all things UFO/Alien have long suspected NASA to be keeping many secrets when it comes to extra-terrestrial life on the Moon and Mars. Many observers in the field believes that NASA has been doctoring photos of the surface of the Moon and Mars before releasing them to the public. Once in a while, relentless researchers who examine every single photos NASA releases with a fine comb will spot what looks like an intelligently designed structure and claim that NASA either missed it or intentionally left it there to get people talking.

Last year a bizarre photo taken by rover Curiosity emerged, no it was not a base, it was something looking like a rodent!

squirrel on mars

Rodent on Mars?

Source: NASA (Original Picture)

A little prior to that there was this odd little thing that kinda looked like an alien mouse coming out of a hole. Can you see what looks like two big ears, two black eyes and an elongated snout?

A Martian Mouse?

Source: NASA (Original Picture)

In 2010, something that looked like a monkey showed up in a photo taken by the Mars Spirit Rover in the Gusev crater. This was a crater that is believed to have been once filled with water. This photo created quite a buzz amongst alien enthusiasts. It sorts of look like the body of a gorilla but with the head of a squirrel monkey.

martian gorilla

Is that a gorilla-like creature?

Source: NASA (Original Picture)

Now below is a different photo from a slightly different angle.

monkey spotted on mars

A monkey on Mars?

Source: The Sun

And this is below a comparison of the 2 pictures.

Side by side: Photo A and Photo B


And now, we have a new one! An iguana.

Yep, something that looks like a fossilized iguana was spotted in a photo released by NASA and taken by Mars rover Curiosity.

reptile on mars

Is this a fossilized iguana?

Source: NASA (Original Picture)

So… Are we being played with by NASA here, hinting at something with compelling but inconclusive images? Is there really life on Mars? Could some of these oddities like the “rodent” be earthly animals being brought to Mars by NASA for experiments? Or are we just letting our mind run wild while looking at nothing more than oddly shaped rocks?

One thing is sure however, I have never seen a rock that looks like that “Martian monkey” before!