Alleged Bigfoot Hairs Go Through DNA Testing

Several hairs allegedly from a yeti were analyzed by scientists in a bid to trace the origins of the elusive cryptid.

Oxford geneticist Bryan Sykes, who made headlines last year for starting the DNA testing on alleged yeti hairs, recovered the samples from the Himalayas. Sykes believes that the Yeti or Bigfoot may belong to an extinct species of polar bears that lived around 40,000 years ago.

Following his theory, he went on to recover several strands of animal hair believed to have originated from the cryptozoological as part of his ongoing project. Sykes, along with several scientists are aiming to solve the mystery behind the creature once and for all by tracing back its origins.

The project took a yearlong of effort to analyze every sample collected by different monster hunting groups and fringe-science researchers known as cryptozoologists. Sykes’ findings were finally published in this week’s issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Academy B.

According to DNA testing, the hair samples he got came from cows, bears, porcupines, horses and an assortment of other mundane species. The project may have reached a roadblock but Sykes is adamant that the outcome of the DNA tests do not disprove the existence of the mysterious creature.

Dr. Bryan Sykes in an NBC Interview

In an interview by NBC News, Sykes says,

“I don’t think this finishes the Bigfoot myth at all,” adding that, “What it does do is show that there is a way for Bigfoot enthusiasts to go back out into the forest and get the real thing.” He finished the interview by saying “The logical step, is we need a live ‘Yeti.’”

True to his words, the geneticist is now preparing for an expedition to the Himalayas. The trip, which will start next year, is aimed at finding live specimens of the elusive polar bear species and getting the creature’s DNA.