Abnormally High UFO Sightings in Remote Turkish Port City Baffles Local Media

A port in the city of Bordum has been getting a lot of attention from local media for the abnormally high numbers of UFO sightings and reports in July. According to local UFO researchers, they have received multiple accounts of UFO sightings in a southwestern coast in Turkey and no one knows why the number of UFO sightings has spiked just this month.

Several photos of UFOs as well as videos of the incident started making the rounds on the internet a few weeks ago. The local press has been tipping off the international media to the sightings.

Some of the reports that the Turkish UFO investigators have received includes one that was captured by Mustafa Karatay on July 7, 2014 at the Bodrum Castle, which is in the center of the city:

This image was captured by Rock Mehmet on July 15, 2014. The incident happened in the town of Konacik in the district of Bodrum:

Below is a video of a UFO in the Bodrum skies recorded this month:

Some UFO experts who analyzed the images believe some of the “UFOs” in the photos could be a number of things, a light reflection, an illusion and even the planet Venus. Others believe that the sightings may be attributed to “atmospheric phenomena that can be explained as natural phenomena or illusions.”

Although critics argue that mundane objects may have caused illusions of UFO sightings in Bodrum, many agree that the strange orbs seen in the middle of the day defy explanations. Investigations of the UFO sightings are still underway.