A Vampire Is Terrorizing A Small Serbian Village! Mayor Declares Emergency!

“We are all frightened!” admitted Local mayor Miodrag Vujetic. He also confirmed that the local council has recommended that all villagers put garlic on their doors and windows as well as put Holy crosses in their houses.

A vampire is on the loose in a Serbian village named Zarozje, or so the villagers believe! The old watermill where the mythical vampire Sava Savanovic lived has collapsed and now, he is believed to be looking for a new home and perhaps a few victims to appease his rage.

Mayor Miodrag Vujetic says he knows people outside Zarozje will mock them but he insists that everybody in the village knows that vampires really do exist.

Unfortunately, in the DailyMail article, it wasn’t mentioned why villagers are so convinced that vampires really do exist. Did some of them witnessed anything or are those just stories repeated to the next generation and so on?

Vampires? Do they exist? And if so, does garlic really works?!!