A Prank or Poltergeist: “Ghost” Caught On Film at Cascade Restaurant

Maybe the drive-through was the better option. A ghostly apparition is reportedly caught on tape in restaurant in Cascade. Chuck & Edna’s Maid-Rite owner, Pat Orr, presented their surveillance video where a spooky apparition is seem moving haltingly near the kitchen’s dishwashing sink.

According to Orr, “we found you can’t make a shadow on the floor back there because of all the lights. Some people said it’s a bug on the lens, I don’t know what the thing is.”

Orr recorded the video on April 14 around 6 in the evening and presented the surveillance footage to their police chief, Fred Heim. In an interview, Heim, a self-confessed skeptic, believes that the hazy figure could be simply a fly leg or a bug that landed on the camera.

“There was a fuzzy thing on there. I don’t know if it was a fly leg, I don’t know if it was something that, you know, could be related to ghosts. I really couldn’t tell you. (Orr) asked me if we investigated stuff like that, and I basically told him that he probably should call Ghostbusters.”

And that’s exactly what the restaurant owner did.

A few days after discovering the anomaly in his surveillance footage, Orr called a group of ghost hunters based in Iowa. However, findings after the investigation have yet to be made public.

Orr admits that his employees have reported strange activities in his restaurant but for the past three years since Chuck & Edna’s Maid-Rite was erected in the area, it was the first time something paranormal was actually caught on surveillance. Maid-Rite is new in the area and before the restaurant; the place was an empty lot for years.

Heim adds, “I’ve been here in town about eight years,” Heim said, “but they said there’s been quite a few different things that have actually been on that lot over there. Groceries stores, and there’s been some other things in the area, such as funeral homes and the old ambulance garage, so who knows!”