14th Century Church Wall Painting Depicts UFO

A 14th century church painting in Romania may depict a UFO, according to a report filed by a known UFO research group. The investigators believe that the wall painting is similar to the 4th to 17th century coins that were found, depicting the same aerial anomaly.

In a statement, Gilli Schechter and Hannan Sabat of the Israeli Extraterrestrials and UFOs Research Organization (EURA) say that they received a picture of the ancient wall painting from Catalina Borta. Borta took the picture while visiting the Church of the Dominican Monastery in the small town of Sighisoara. Sighisoara is believed to the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for the legend of Dracula.

The wall painting clearly depicts a disc-shaped object hovering over a building. The disc-shaped craft is gray in color and emits smoke. A German caption below the painting reads, “Israel, hoffe auf den HERRN,” which translated means “Israel, put your hope in the Lord,” which is a quote from Psalms song of ascents, c.130 v.7.

It will take more time to determine how old the wall painting is. However, according to the Monastery’s website, the church was built in 14th century, destroyed and rebuilt in the 17th century. The person who created the painting is unknown but points out that the German caption probably dates back to 1523 when the bible was translated to German. Although the painting was hardly ever referenced as depiction of UFO in art, most UFO researchers believe that the wall painting does depict “aerial anomaly.”

The wall painting in Romania’s Church of the Dominican Monastery is just one of several recorded works of art that allegedly depicted UFOs or mysterious aircrafts. As early as 98 B.C. UFO occurrences have been immortalized in art. An image from the Prodigiorum Liber features an account of a mysterious air craft hovering over the sunset. The image was created by Julius Obsequens and it shows a “round object with a large beam of fire.” Several 17th century coins bore the same round object.